Note Readers and Recyclers

Validation technology and high speed banknote recognition and acceptance

Due to their design, our readers ensure high-speed acceptance of the notes and also ensure maximum discrimination of frauds thanks to the DSP technology that allows all the sensors to achieve maximum performance.

  • High-speed validation
  • Modular structure which allows easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Compact solutions for all the cabinets
  • Increase the machine productivity using recycling technology
  • Digital data processor (DSP Technology)

  • Validation and payout at only 1 second

  • Anti-fraud security, anti-jam and anti-fishing

  • Transaction accounting

  • Stacker capacity of 500 notes

  • 3 recycling systems with 47 note capacity (141 notes)

Bill Readers and Recyclers Comparison Chart









Dimensiones 100 x 125 x 91 mm 100 x 190 x 241mm 83.5 x 159 x 185 mm 140 x 272 x 465 mm
Weight 400 g 585 g 2.5 kg 9.5 kg
Accepted bills dimensions 83.5 x 160 mm 83.5 x 160 mm 82 x 149 mm 85 x 182 mm
Acceptation speed 1.2 sec 2 sec 3.5 sec 1 sec
Voltage 12-24 Vcc 12-24 Vcc 12-24 Vcc 24 Vcc
Working temperature 5ºC to +55ºC 0ºC to +55ºC 5ºC to +55ºC 5ºC to +55ºC
Protocols Parallel and ccTalk Parallel and ccTalk ccTalk ccTalk
Anti-fishing Optical and Mechanical Optical and Mechanical Optical and Mechanical Optical and Mechanical
Stacker Capacity NO 300 NO 500 lockable
Recycling options NO NO YES YES
Recycling capacity - - 10 notes (mixed denomination)

47 notes x 3 denominations

(141 notes)
Payout Speed - - 3 seconds every banknote 1 banknote per second


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