A benchmark in the principle markets

Reliability, precision, security and high speed payout in all the models, to which we can add versatility for creating multiple configurations for the market requirements.

The coin Hoppers designed by Azkoyen Payment Technologies are a benchmark in the principle markets and which have managed to set industry standards in many markets. Furthermore, they are renowned for their reliability, payout speed and coin counting precision, due to our meticulous quality control system in design as well as in manufacturing process.

  • Experience: The security that a market leader with millions of hoppers in the market can offer.
  • Patented multi-coin technology (discriminator).
  • The most versatile for coin management without having to change devices.
  • Optimisation of the space in your machine, maximum coin capacity in minimum space.
  • Reliability in coin counting
  • Anti-jam design
  • Configurable for your capacity requirements
  • Wide range of accessories
  • Flash technology
  • Remote programming
  • Additional security ‘Plus' options of coins counting
  • Full and empty sensoring
  • Optional mechanical and electronic scales
  • Plug & Play

Hopper Comparison Chart
Dimensions 115 x 131 x 155 mm 126.5 x 226 x 285.5 mm 115 x 131 x 155 mm 104x 115 x 116 mm
Coin diameter 16.25 mm - 32.5 mm 16.25 mm - 32.5 mm 18 mm - 30 mm 14 mm - 33 mm
Coin thickness 1.2 mm - 3.2 mm 1.2 mm - 3.2 mm 1.2 mm - 3.2 mm 1 mm - 3.3 mm
Coin capacity (1€) Small Bowl: 275
Medium Bowl: 425
Large Bowl: 750
Standard Bowl: 1550
Double Bowl: 2750
Medium Bowl: 425
Large Bowl: 750
Standard Bowl: 150
Coin payout speed 8 coins/sec. 5 coins/sec. 4.5 coins/sec. 7.5 coins/sec.
Power supply 12-24 Vcc 12-24 Vcc 12-24 Vcc 12-24 Vcc
Protocols Parallel and ccTalk Parallel and ccTalk ccTalk ccTalk
Configuration 3 Bowl sizes Simple or Double 2 Bowl sizes Simple
Accesories Extensions for higher capacity Plug & Play connector Extensions for higher capacity Top payout funnel
  Mechanical system for electronic overflow Cinch conecctor    
  Mechanical overflow option Bulgin connector    
  Electronic Scale      
  Empty and full sensor      


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