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AZKOYEN 70 years innovating

On May 15, AZKOYEN celebrated its 70 anniversary. It was an Open Doors Day for employees, ex-employees and relatives. More than 120 people attended the event and visited the facilities the Group have in Peralta (Navarre – Spain), finishing with a lunch. 


Eduardo Unzu, CEO of AZKOYEN Group, welcomed the guest, making a speech and remarking the current situation of the group with six factories distributed among Europe and Colombia.

Luis Troyas founded Azkoyen Workshop in 1945, the main activity was the manufacture of machines related with the agriculture, potatoes collection systems and asparagus peeler are examples of the original business. Since then, a constant innovation during these seven decades has evolved the company from manufacturing oil vending machines for lighters and sweeties, cigarette vending machines, cookies, candies, chocolates and even a changer giver machine, until nowadays, in where the group activity includes such variety of activities like the payment technologies, access control and vending machines operating in more than 100 countries of the 5 continents.

Since the new millennium started, Azkoyen Group has made key acquisitions: "In 2005, the Italian company Coges was incorporated in order to add experience (knowledge) in the cashless payment systems for the vending sector" tells Unzu. In 2008 Coffetek joined the Group, the British firm is focused in the design, manufacture and the commercialization of hot drink vending machines (coffee and tea). "The same year, the German company Primion Technology was acquired by the group and, contribute with its know-how and experience in innovative systems for access control, presence sensor and the integration of security systems" continues Unzu.

These acquisitions are a consequence of the clear intentions of the AZKOYEN Group for the expansion in order to increase the internationalization, currently generating more than the 80% of its business out of Spain.

From its beginnings the commitment to the technology, research and the development of the new products has been one of the AZKOYEN Group distinguishing marks. "The innovation is our essence. In order to this, we have five R&D&I centers. The result of this continuous researching is our innovative and competitive different range of products, beeing awarded the leader position in the sectors that we operate" narrates Unzu. The consequence, is an investment of 8.8€ millions in 2014 in R&D, area where 15% of the employees are currently working.

AZKOYEN Group has 741 employees in its staff and a forecast to hire 10 engineers and international sales people during this year.