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New one Pound

Azkoyen adapts its payment systems to the new one pound coin that will enter circulation in the United Kingdom

- The high-tech multinational has demonstrated the reliability of its coin validators, sorters and hoppers to ensure the security of transactions.

- The company's coin validators are ready to reject counterfeits and accept the new coin.


The Azkoyen Group, a multinational technology company with headquarters in Peralta (Navarre), has successfully adapted all its coin validators, sorters and hoppers to accept with absolute assurance the new one pound coins that will enter circulation on 28 March.

Azkoyen-brand payment systems are already set to accept and pay out the new one pound sterling coin with the greatest level of reliability. Distributors / customers can contact Azkoyen to adapt their equipment to the new coin.

The Azkoyen Group is one of the main European cash transaction manufacturers and its products have been a symbol of trust and technological innovation since the very beginning. The company began to adapt its payment systems in 2016 to ensure they could read the new coin, thus continuing with the philosophy of customer service and innovation that has always characterised the company throughout its years of history.