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The modular validators manufactured by Azkoyen Payment Technologies offer maximum security by using the most complete and contrasted coin identification techniques (patented technology & millions of units in the market) with a modular format ( sensor module ), which allows its adaptation to the market standards.

  • More than 100 different coin databases available and presence in all the continents.
  • A technology that has been patented and contrasted in the market with millions of units sold in varying sectors.
  • Simplicity for its integration: Available for all the most common protocols (parallel, ccTalk)
  • Reduce maintenance costs with a validator with maximum reliability and intelligent auto-calibration system that guarantees extended trouble-free operation

Simple maintenance, reliability and configuration options to adapt the validator to any application.

Maximum security by the ideal combination of traditional and innovative techniques for measuring and recognizing coins

  • Magnetic measurement sensors with patented multimode technology
  • Optic and sound sensors
  • Electronic Anti-fishing
  • Mechanical Anti-return device
  • DSP Technology capable of processing a large number of coin parameters
  • Auto calibration
  • Simple maintenance
  • Remote updating
Coin Validators Comparison Chart
  X6-D2S & D4S
X6-D2S & D4S
Dimensions 3.5 " ( 89 x 48 x 102 mm ) 3.5 " ( 89 x 48 x 102 mm ) 5 " ( 127 x 60 x 180 mm )
Coin diameter 16.25 mm - 32.5 mm 16.25 mm - 32.5 mm 16.25 mm - 32.5 mm
Coin thickness 1.2 mm - 3.3 mm 1.2 mm - 3.3 mm 1.2 mm - 3.3 mm
Programmable tokens 2 2 2
Power Supply 12-24 Vcc 12-24 Vcc 12-24 Vcc
Communication Protocols Parallel & ccTalk Parallel & ccTalk ccTalk
Anti-fishing system Electronic Electronic Electronic
Sensors Digital Digital Digital
Updating options Software, TL20 or remote Software, TL20 or remote Software, TL20 or remote
Accesories Small, Medium and Big Funnel Mini and Midi front plate Integrated funnel
  Sorter U    
  Lineal Sorter    
  U Sel X    
  V Escrow    


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