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New 50 € banknote

Azkoyen Payment Technologies adapts its payment systems to the new €50 note

- Azkoyen products are ready to operate with the new €50 note, preventing counterfeiting and guaranteeing maximum security in transactions.

- Azkoyen payment systems have once again passed the anti-fraud tests of European agencies.



Azkoyen is already prepared to accept the new €50 note from the Europa series, which will enter circulation on 4 April.

The products that form part of Azkoyen's payment systems division have already been adapted to ensure the correct reading of the new note and maximum security in transactions. This means that the multinational company's Cashology smart payment devices and note readers are ready to operate with the new note and to reject any counterfeits.

Each year, Eurosystem, the monetary authority in the Eurozone as part of the European Central Bank (ECB), evaluates the machines of payment service providers as part of the measures that must be taken to protect the euro against counterfeiting. The list published recently by the BCE includes Azkoyen's Cashlogy POS 1500 and Cashlogy POS 1000 models. Both have passed the latest anti-fraud tests and form part of the list of note authenticating devices that have received positive evaluations. Azkoyen's MID 2030 coin management module with sensor X6-D2S has received approval from the European Commission with regard to euro coin authentication and rejection of all known counterfeits.

Azkoyen is one of the main European payment device manufacturers and its machines and products have been a symbol of trust and technological innovation since the very beginning. Azkoyen's payment systems division is the European market leader and offers innovative solutions in four keys sectors: Recreational, Vending, Service Automation and Retail.